HACK-IT 98 Frequently Asked Questions

The Italian Faq

ver. 1.2 - May, 27th, 1998

Getting Started

Computers and other tools


Programme (in progress)

Getting started

Computers and other tools


Programme (in progress)

  • Events

    Thursday, June 4th

  • Inauguration of Hack-It 98
    Opening buffet and party
  • Radio Cybernet
    The voice of Hack-It 98! Radio Cybernet (http://www.kyuzz.org/radiocybernet) will be the at Hack-It 98. You will listen Radio Cybernet in Real Audio and *on the air* on a pirate frequency!
    All meeting on, Cubo
  • IRC no stop e Videoconferencing
    Tommaso Tozzi
    An IRC server, a channel and several appointments during the hackmeeting, will allow to start a conversation with people, situations, associations etc from all over the world. Event still in progress.
  • Boicoop TV!
    Alternative use of cables. TV programming, music and information live from on the air! A TV you've never seen and a radio you've never heard. All meeting on, Cubo
  • Self-productions
    Where to sell and to buy self-produced equipments.
    All meeting on, Entrance of the Astronave.
  • Key Signing Party
    Master of Keys: Zeus Kissakie'
    The party allows to certificate the corrispondence between a public PGP key and his owner. This is a clou ebent, that will explode during the meeting.
  • Video no-stop
    During the all meeting in the Cubo
  • Mutazioni
    Created by Nux Vomica. A digital video that condenses the creative experience of the last millennium.
    All meeting on, Cubo
  • No-profit server in Spain
    Alberto Escudero
    From Nodo50, Spanish no-profit server (mirror / Spanish site of Hack-It 98). A debate about the experience of a non-profit Server Provider in the jungle-net...
    Event still in progress.
  • Digital activities in Amsterdam
    a cura di Patrice Riemens
    Debate with our sisters and brothers from xs4all (from Nederlands). Event still in progress.
    Friday, June 5th

  • Kriptonite
    Joe Lametta will meet his affectionated readers of "Kriptonite. Escape form the global control: cryptography, anonimity and privacy on the network".
    h 21.00, Longinottik.
  • Digitals Zones
    You can taste the self-produced CD-ROM of Isole nella Rete. It is a digital anthology of texts, images, video and sounds from social centres, groups and association of the intalian (and not only) under and overground. h 9 pm- 12 pm, Teatro
  • PGP Key Signing Party
    The party allows to certificate the corrispondence between a public PGP key and her/his owner. This is a clou event, that will explode during the meeting.Please, send your PGP public key at zeus@ecn.org BEFORE the meeting (until june, 4th, at 12pm). Master of keys: Zeus Kissakie'
  • I.S.O.
    A trip to the border of sound and performance.
    Ichiraku Yoshimitsu (drums, electronics)
    Sachiko Matsubara (sampler)
    Otomo Yoschide (drums, guitar)
    h 10 pm, Astronave
    Saturday, June 6th

  • Multimedia Interactive
    MISTER REGULAR (Massimo Contrasto)
    VENTILOR (aaut)
    SENSUALZONE 2.0 (gegge7@usa.net)
    Cubo, all day long
  • Richard Stallman
    Video form DECODER about the Italian tour of Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and of the GNU project.
    h 18.00 - 21.00, Teatro.
  • Virus hunters
    Perfomance with multimedia software
    Fabio Massi, Alessandra Valente, Felix Zingarelli, Graffio
    h 9 pm, Astronave
    Sunday, June 7th 

  • Associazione Astronauti Autonomi
    We will meet the 'Associazione Astronauti Autonomi' (Autonomous Astronauts Associated, supported by Riccardo Balli and Massimo Contrasto). Reading-concert-performance: the programme final program will be posted asap. Some members of the Association from UK, F, A may take part to the meeting... You will also find free papers and information about Associazione Astronauti Autonomi.
    h 21.00, Astronave
  • Synt Night
    One hundred or one thousand synt amplified, and one hundred or one thousand "human interfaces" will try to build an ensamble of thirty minutes of contemporary music, different from the "classical contemporary music". Everyone with an electronic keybord is invited. Bring your own mixer and cables! There will be a meeting for all participants at Astronave (4.30 pm).
    XXLUVSX. Ahmed Elman. Antonio Ligurgo. Rush. Bym. Tommaso Tozzi (MS20). Marco Cesare. Burp. Mkt. Massimo Contrasto (MS20). Riccardo Balli. Steve Rozzi. Pussy Motorino. F. Bucalossi. G. Verde. Aut. Steak. Skuamo...... h 9.30 pm, Astronave
  • Info and contacts
     You can join the mailing list hackmeetin@kyuzz.org. Send an
     e-mail at majordomo@kyuzz.org writing in the body message 'subscribe
    News on Hack-IT 98 and these FAQ are at the URL:
     These FAQ are periodically updated and posted in several mailing
     lists and newsgroups.
    If you wish to participate to Hack-IT 98 or if you want propose a workshop or if you want to give a helping hand in organising, join the mailing list hackmeeting@kyuzz.org or send a message to hackit98@ecn.org
     For any further information, send a message to hackit98@ecn.org


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